About Lone Star IA

Educate | Inform | Professionalize


The Lone Star Irrigation Association has been formed in the interest of attaining three goals: (1) to educate, (2) to inform, and (3) to professionalize.  All of these goals are linked one to another, and the success of attaining each will improve the success of the association member and the association.

What We Do


By educating the member in state and local regulation, water conservation, business management, and the protection of the potable water supply. The Lone Star Irrigation Association offers TCEQ approved Continuing Education training classes. The intention of the LSIA is not to dilute but to improve Continuing Education classes. To help reach the goal of education, our training classes must be informative, available, and affordable.


By informing state and local government of the needs of contractors while these agencies are writing new or additional green industry regulations. By being informed of changes in rules and policies that affect the conduct of the member. By informing customers and the general public of the minimum standards and licensing requirements of Texas irrigators. By instructing customers and potential customers of water conservation techniques in scheduling, equipment and plant materials.


To be an active member of a professional organization. To network with other members on specific goals and solutions to common problems. To uphold the minimum standards and licensing requirements of Texas irrigators.