What must be included in the final walk through with the owner?

The final walk through is the opportunity to educate the irrigation system owner on how to operate the system correctly to maintain a healthy yard and to conserve our water resources.

Several documents should be provided to the irrigation system owner:

  • Manufacturer’s manual for the automatic controller;
  • Seasonal watering schedule;
  • List of components that require maintenance and the recommended frequency of service;
  • Irrigation plan showing the installed system; and
  • Maintenance checklist.

The Maintenance Checklist contains:

  • the signature of the irrigation system owner or the owner’s representative;
  • the irrigator’s seal, signature and date; and
  • a statement, “This irrigation system has been installed in accordance with all applicable state and local laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, or orders. I have tested the system and determined that it has been installed according to the Irrigation Plan and is properly adjusted for the most efficient application of water at this time.”

Don’t forget: To place a permanent sticker that has your name, license number, company name, telephone number, and the dates the warranty is valid on the automatic controller. No automatic controller? Put the sticker on the original maintenance checklist.

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